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Photo of Leslie Thompson
Leslie Thompson Language Arts
Photo of Rick Thompson
Rick Thompson Head Custodian
Photo of David Tilby
David Tilby Assistant Principal Students: D-H
Work Phone: (801) 256-5815
Photo of Tina Tirrell
Tina Tirrell Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Trisha Tracy
Trisha Tracy Main Office Assistant
Photo of Matthew Tranter
Matthew Tranter Assistant Principal Students: A-C
Work Phone: (801) 256-5819
Photo of Amy Trimble
Amy Trimble Counselor Students Jam – Ma
Photo of Becky Tueller
Becky Tueller World Languages
Photo of Erin Turley
Erin Turley Mathematics
Photo of Mathew Ulmer
Mathew Ulmer Choir Director Performing Arts
Photo of Nina Ung
Nina Ung District Nurse
Photo of Glen Varga
Glen Varga Assistant Principal Students: S-Z
Photo of Cheri Voorhees
Cheri Voorhees Special Ed Assistant
Photo of Rochelle Waite
Work Phone: (801) 256-5801
Photo of Kaitlin Wallace
Kaitlin Wallace World Languages
Photo of Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Career Center Assistant