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Photo of Delle Nelson
Delle Nelson Attendance School Secretary
Photo of LeAnn Nelson
LeAnn Nelson Registrar
Photo of Steve Nyhus
Steve Nyhus Creative Arts and Trade
Photo of Aimee Owens
Photo of Jill Palmer
Jill Palmer Special Ed Assistant
Photo of Belva Parks
Belva Parks Mathematics
Photo of Heather Parry
Heather Parry Counseling Assistant and Testing Coordinator
Photo of Trudy Pecorelli
Trudy Pecorelli Health and Physical Education
Photo of Brynn Perkins
Brynn Perkins Dance Company Director Performing Arts
Photo of DeShawn Perkins
DeShawn Perkins Special Education
Photo of Michael Perry
Michael Perry Mathematics
Photo of Trista Phillips
Trista Phillips Cheer Cheer Head Coach
Photo of Andrew Powers
Andrew Powers Head Swimming Coach Science
Photo of Adrian Ramjoue
Adrian Ramjoue Department Co-Chair Language Arts
Photo of Glen Richins
Glen Richins Assistant Principal Student Issues: S-Z