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Academic Letter

Academic Letter Application

 Enhanced Diploma

The purpose of the Enhanced Diploma program is to encourage and challenge students as well as reward them for their many accomplishments while attending Riverton High School.

All Applications are due on April 14th, 2022 -- No EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Service Award Application 2022
Service Record Verification

Academic Award Application 2022
Activity Award Application 2022
Attendance Award Application 2022

Departmental Enhanced Diploma Applications:
Athletics 2022
Agriculture & Animal Science 2022

 Silverwolf Medallion

The purpose of the Silverwolf Medallion is to encourage and challenge students to be involved in a wide variety of areas while attending Riverton High School. The hope is to have students that are well rounded that have participated in many avenues. Only 50 points will be accepted within one particular area. The focus is to reward participation and not necessarily achievement

Silverwolf Medallion 2022
Silverwolf Medallion Biography Submission Form