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Photo of Kathy Bye
Kathy Bye Performing Arts
Photo of Colin Cagle
Colin Cagle Custodian
Photo of Amanda Carpenter
Amanda Carpenter Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Maryann Carter
Maryann Carter Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Nikki Carver
Nikki Carver Mathematics
Photo of Shea Chandler
Shea Chandler Clinical Support Specialist
Photo of Ayden Chattlerly
Ayden Chattlerly Day Care Assistant
Photo of Chris Christensen
Chris Christensen Counselor Students A – Cam
Work Phone: 801-256-5826
Photo of Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark Child Care Lab Assistant
Photo of Daniel Clegg
Daniel Clegg Choir Director Performing Arts
Photo of Andrea Correa Dominguez
Andrea Correa Dominguez Special Education Assistant
Photo of Amanda Corwell
Amanda Corwell Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Sydnee Crapo
Sydnee Crapo Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Anna Davis
Anna Davis Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Marni Davis
Marni Davis Assistant Principal Students: D-H
Work Phone: (801) 256-5815
Photo of Erin Dea
Erin Dea Pre-School Advisor Family and Consumer Science
Photo of Rachel Devine
Rachel Devine Attendance Office Secretary
Photo of Brian DeVries
Brian DeVries Students Pri-Sta
Work Phone: 801-256-5822