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School Info

Riverton High School is located at 12476 S 2700 W, Riverton, Utah 84065 and serves the southwest corner of Salt Lake County, including the communities of Riverton, and Bluffdale. Enrollment is approximately 2400 students. The high school opened its doors in 1999. The Riverton High School campus sits on 52 acres and is a beautiful, modern facility that effectively meets the education needs of community, students, and staff. We are proud of the culture, traditions, and pride that we have established.

The focus of Riverton High School is summed up in the following mission statement:


 At Riverton High School, we, the participants and patrons, exemplify an environment of mutual respect and cooperation, a commitment to excellence in all endeavors, and the encouragement of positive character traits.

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  • Our school serves over 2,400 students, grades 10-12.
  • At one time, we were the biggest high school in Utah with over 3,000 students.
  • Teacher/pupil ratio is budgeted at 27.3 students per teacher, with actual class size varying among classes.
  • RHS is on a traditional nine-month calendar, but it is on a block schedule. Students have eight classes. They have four classes every other day for 88 minutes each.
  • Students must earn 27 credits to graduate.
  • Riverton High School offers a broad curriculum. In addition to core classes, we offer a wide variety of electives.
  • Technology training is available to all students, and is encouraged in most subjects, in addition to actual technology classes.
  • Our technology classes are among the best in the state.
  • Many of our students earn considerable college credit through the AP program. Our Art 2D Design, Drawing, English Literature, Music Theory, Statistics, and Photography classes all had pass rates of 70% or higher.
  • Our science program has applied for and received large grants from private corporations like INTEL.
  • Our choral and instrumental programs are excellent.
  • There are many Honors and Advanced Placement courses available including concurrent enrollment courses.
  • Our graduation rate is above 90%.
  • All teachers and administrators are evaluated regularly.
  • The counseling department has a full-time psychologist, in addition to six regular counselors and a vocational education specialist.
  • Students are expected to abide by District dress code policy.
  • Fee waivers are available for families that qualify.
  • Special services are available to students with learning disabilities.
  • A full extracurricular program is in place at RHS, including sports, forensics, drama, dance art, clubs, student government. etc.
  • RHS has an active and supportive PTSA as well as a community group that meets monthly.
  • Bus service is available to students who live more than two miles from the school.
  • A hot lunch program is available for students for $2.00 per day.
  • Adult visitors are welcome, but must check in at the main office upon arrival. Students from other schools are not permitted during school hours except under special circumstances.
  • Twice each year students work at the school on a Saturday morning as part of "Silverwolf Pride Day".
  • Our students and community have raised $1,803,450.70 since the opening of the school for numerous causes , through our "Silver Rush Fund Raiser."School pict 4



School Goals/DRSLs
(Desired Results for Student Learning)


Students will contribute to an atmosphere of respect in our school through increased attendance and compliance with school rules, and with decreased attendance issues and student behavior referrals.

Students will become involved in their own high school experience by joining clubs, teams, and other extra-curricular events to enhance their social skills and interest levels.


Students will demonstrate increased math skills through standardized tests and specific math course tests.


Students will learn what constitutes effective writing in the six areas of focus in the 6-Trait Scoring System.

Students will demonstrate effective writing skills across the curriculum through the use of the 6-Trait Scoring System.

Students will demonstrate greater written communication skills in their writing and on written tests by using the 6-Trait Scoring System.

Students will learn to more effectively evaluate their own papers by using the 6-Trait Scoring System.

Critical Thinking

Students will be able to clarify, organize and present information in technological forms that may include charts, graphs, the written word, and other forms of communication.

Students will be able to utilize, evaluate and refine the use of multiple technologies to solve a variety of problems pertaining to academic, personal and employment situations.