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Photo of Jessica Ditty
Jessica Ditty Mathematics
Photo of Clin Eaton
Clin Eaton Department Chair Performing Arts
Photo of Shauna Eccles
Shauna Eccles Counseling Scholarship Assistant
Photo of Joseph Edman
Joseph Edman Mathematics
Photo of Katelyn Elliott
Katelyn Elliott Head Softball Coach Health and Physical Education
Photo of Ron Ence
Ron Ence Health and Physical Education
Photo of Chase Englestead
Chase Englestead Department Chair — Physical Education
Photo of Jeremy Etherington
Jeremy Etherington Health and Wellness
Photo of Jenny Ferguson
Jenny Ferguson Attendance Office Secretary
Photo of Moses Fernandez
Moses Fernandez Deputy Sheriff
Photo of Kaitlyn Fitz
Kaitlyn Fitz Counselor (Students Fe-Ho)
Photo of Candy Foringer
Candy Foringer Special Education
Photo of Wendy Forrest
Wendy Forrest Special Ed Assistant
Photo of Janet Fotu
Janet Fotu Creative Arts and Trade
Photo of Kelli Frank
Kelli Frank Language Arts
Photo of Janet Frazier
Janet Frazier School Psychologist
Photo of Steve Galley
Steve Galley Department Chair — Driver’s Ed and Careers
Photo of Amy Goodrich
Amy Goodrich GAP Teacher- Credit Recovery Specialist
Photo of Carolyn Gough
Carolyn Gough Principal
Work Phone: (801) 256-5801