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Riverton High ACT Prep Classes!

We offer ACT Prep Classes here at the school to get you prepared.  The schedule will be posted prior to the classes starting in October.  There will be prep classes  before each ACT test (starting three weeks prior to each scheduled test).

Before classes start, there is a form that you will need to fill out to reserve your spot.  For each set of classes, the form will be available a month in advance of the first class.  Click here to reserve your spot for the upcoming classes.


English- Ms. Edwards -- Room 2411
Math- Mr. Murphy -- Room 2522
Science- Ms. Usher -- Room 1157

ACT Prep classes are held from 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM.

Test Date:           October 28, 2023- Saturday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 October 3rd -- Science October 4th -- Math October 5th --  English
Week 2 October 10th -- Science October 11th -- Math October 12th -- English
Week 3 October 17th -- Science October 18th -- Math October 19th -- English


Test Date:           December 9, 2023- Saturday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 November 14th -- Science November 15th -- Math November 16th -- English
Week 2 November 28th -- Science November 29th -- Math November 30th -- English
Week 3 December 5th -- Science December 6th -- Math December 7th -- English


Test Date:          February 10, 2024- Saturday & March 13, 2023- Wednesday (All Juniors)
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 January 9th  -- Science January 10th -- Math January 11th  -- English
Week 2 January 23rd -- Science January 24th -- Math January 25th -- English
Week 3 January 30th -- Science January 31st -- Math February 1st -- English


Test Date:        April 13, 2024- Saturday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 March 5th  -- Science March 6th -- Math March 7th  -- English
Week 2 March 19th -- Science March 20th -- Math March 21st-- English
Week 3 April 2nd -- Science April 4th --  Math April 5th -- English


Other Resources


Prep Factory:  Free ACT and SAT Prep Website.  You will need to set up an account to access the free guides.