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Home & Hospital

Home & Hospital is a program designed to help students meet the basic academic needs while they are unable to attend school due to hospitalization, injury or a physical/emotional illness.  Short Term Home & Hospital requires the student to be out under a doctor’s care a minimum of ten consecutive days to forty-five days or Long Term Home & Hospital is available for students that will be out of school for a minimum of forty-six consecutive days or longer.

  • Home & Hospital Instruction cannot replace every aspect of a student’s education.
  • Reduction of class requirements cannot be expected.
  • Participation classes may pose challenges.  Credit may be lost or a poor grade earned since there is no way to duplicate the activities of a participation class while the student is at home or hospitalized.
  • Earning of academic credit is not guaranteed.

To verify if your student qualifies for a Home & Hospital program go to for the guidelines, responsibilities and forms.

Once you determine that your student wants to apply for Home & Hospital or for questions contact the appropriate administrator:

Short Term:
Corissa Beck  - Riverton High School
Phone: 801-256-5807

Long Term:
Sharon Jensen – Jordan School District
Phone: 801-567-8187

  • A student with an IEP will be referred to Brian King, 801-567-8208 for further assistance.

If your student will not be out at least ten days but is under a doctor’s care, notify the Attendance Office, 801-256-5810, and have the doctor provide:

  • An original note from a doctor’s office
  • Include the date(s) (Beginning and Ending)
  • Students full name
  • Doctors full name and contact information
  • Must be submitted within 5 days

All class work is still required.  You can email teachers through Skyward to request homework or to notify the teachers of your student’s situation.  If there is hard copy of homework teachers can leave it in the Attendance Office for you to pick up.