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Excusing an Absence

Excusing Absences

  • Absences & Check In’s must be excused by a parent/guardian within five school days by calling the attendance office at 801-256-5810 between 7:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
  • You may excuse your child via email to We will verify your parent/guardian email that is listed on Skyward Family.
  • Upon receiving the third of any combination of unexcused absences, check in or way late, and for every subsequent unexcused absence, check in or way late, attendance school is required.

If the student absence is due to a medical appointment or has been under a doctor’s care a medical note may be submitted for excusal.  The doctor’s note must:

  1. Be an original note from a doctor’s office
  2. Include the date(s) (Beginning and Ending)
  3. Students full name
  4. Doctors full name and contact information
  5. Must be submitted within 5 school days (All Doctor Notes must be submitted within the grading period of the absence, once a grade has been posted a Doctor Note will not be applied.)

If the student is missing school for a pre-planned absence Jordan School District allows students to make application to an administrator to miss up to ten school days of each year for prior-approved education/vacation release.   Students are still responsible to complete class assignments.  The days may be applied for individual or multiple days up to ten per year.

  1. Forms are available in the attendance office and must be signed by parent, teachers and administrator and then returned to the attendance office prior to student leaving on vacation.
  2. Students may take no more than ten prior-approved education/vacation release absences per year.